The Anadarko Chamber is working to help promote our members in various ways. We came up with a “Member Monday” idea to feature one business each week. For our first Member Monday we are highlighting NAPA-McDuffey’s Auto Supply in Anadarko, OK.

McDuffey PortraitTerry and Larry McDuffey

When was your business first opened?
Originally, it was started by our father and it was opened in 1944.

Why do you keep your business in Anadarko?
We were born and raised here and this town is our family roots. Our parents actually came from Oklahoma City when this NAPA franchise became available in Anadarko they saw an opportunity and took it. They had 5 children and we (Terry and Larry) stayed around to manage the store.

You recently renovated your building, tell us about it?
Well, we redid the flooring in our shop and gutted the front end. We also went with new shelving and new merchandise. This is our first overhaul in about 20 years and we saw this as an opportunity to modernize and reinvest in Anadarko. You’ll also notice that we have a new billboard on the east side of town coming in, and there are two other signs helping direct traffic to the business.

McDuffey_Photo1McDuffey’s New Floors

Why is it important to you to be a part of the Anadarko Chamber?
It’s important because this is what helps keep Anadarko going. The Chamber helps keep our community growing. We’ve worked here our entire lives, and we just want to say thank you to the people of Anadarko for their patronage.

New Oil CenterNew Oil Center!

McDuffey’s Auto Supply is located at 121 E Oklahoma Ave, Anadarko, OK 73005. Their phone number is 405-247-3341.

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  1. Great piece! Congratulations, “McDuffey boys”! Store looks WONDERFUL!

  2. Best service you’ll find anywhere in town, maybe the county! Have known the McDuffy’s all but the first 6 years of my life and they’re great people carrying on a family business and I’m proud they’re here!!

  3. Two of my favorite guys! Margaret

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