Ridge Runner Roofing based in Anadarko, OK is expanding its operations to include seamless rain gutters. This will be a new venture under the name of The Rubber Duck Gutter Company. We were able to ask one of the owners, J.J. Vance (Vance serves on our Board of Directors), a few questions:

How did you get the idea to start this new venture?

“With my brother and I already being in the roofing business, it goes hand in hand. We have actually thought about expanding to the gutter business for several years. With there being no one else in our area offering guttering services we saw it as a good opportunity.”

Who would your typical customer be and why should homeowners think about adding or replacing gutters?

“Anyone who owns their own home or business, city or state entities, and tribal entities. Adding gutters will let customers control water around their structure. It can help protect fascia, soffit and foundation. People should replace gutters if they are leaking or damaged by wind or hail. New gutters will also increase the value of your property. Home owners insurance also covers gutters.”

Why are seamless gutters better?

“Seamless gutters are better in the sense that they don’t have seams, so no leaks. Having a professional gutter company install seamless gutters over traditional do-it-yourself gutters will save the homeowner time and trouble in the long run. The average home would cost between $1,000 to $1,500 to install on the entire house.”

How can people get an estimate for their home?

“Call Ridge Runner Roofing/The Rubber Duck Gutter Company at 405-247-2476 or find us on Facebook at The Rubber Duck Gutter Company or Metal Roofs by Ridge Runner. Our physical office is located at 209 S. Country Club Rd in Anadarko.”

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