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Landing That Job: How To Impress During An Interview, From A Manager’s Perspective

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Being fully qualified for a particular job means a lot more these days than it did a couple of decades ago; you need more than experience if you want to make a mark. It’s important to stand out from the crowd and impress during your interview, and the best way to do that is to be well prepared before you even sit down with the manager. That means doing some research on the company, but it also means you need to know what they’re looking for, both in an employee and in an interview.

One of the biggest complaints that managers have these days is that so many job applicants don’t have soft skills, such as knowing how to speak on the phone or how to handle relations with fellow employees. And that’s after they’re already in the door; for interviews, many people in management find it difficult to push an interviewee through the hiring process when they show up late, in inappropriate attire, with few interview skills.

In order to get the job you want, it’s imperative to know what the employer is looking for. Read on for the best tips on how to make the best impression.

Show up on time

Few things are as important to an interviewer as timeliness. Showing up at the hour you’re supposed to meet tells your interviewer that you value his time as well as your own and that you are taking your job hunt seriously. Even better, show up a bit early so that you have time to prepare.

Wear the right clothing

While many businesses have relaxed their attire rules over the years–pantyhose are no longer required for women, for instance–it’s still a good idea to dress in a way that shows you are a professional. Make sure your clothing isn’t wrinkled and fits well. Clean, well-groomed hair and nails are a must. Depending on what sort of job you’re interviewing for, you might consider wearing a necktie or a skirt of an appropriate length.

Bring the right tools

Many interviewers like to have your paperwork in front of them, so bring along a copy of your resume and/or application, your I.D., and your social security card in case they want to make copies for their files. It’s also a good idea to have a small notebook and a pen so you can take notes during the interview; while you want to pay close attention to what’s being said, you also may need to go over some details after the interview is over, so write down anything pertinent so you won’t forget.

Of course, what you don’t bring is just as important as what you do bring; never bring your cell phone into an interview. If you don’t have anywhere safe to put it, at the very least turn it off or make sure the ringer is off. There are few things more unprofessional than having a phone ring during an interview.

Be prepared

Read up on the company you’re interviewing with and find out about their history, their business model, and their hiring practices so that you can come into the interview knowledgeable about what their needs are and how you can meet them. Do some research on the job position you’re applying for and think about all the ways you might be qualified for it, and what you might bring to the table in a new way. Think about skills such as being able to speak another language.

For more helpful tips on how to prepare for your interview and what employers are looking for, read on here.

Remember that interviewing for a job is only the first step; once you’re hired, it’s important to keep in mind that the best way to move up within a company is to prove your worth. Participate in any company-provided training opportunities to continue building your skill set and show your employer that you can roll with change and keep up with the company’s needs as they happen.

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