APEX, Inc. Opening New Boutique in Anadarko!

APEX, Inc. Opening New Boutique in Anadarko! Grand Opening Set for June 27th!

Anadarko, OK – Apex, Inc. based in Anadarko is expanding their operations to include a boutique store filled with donated clothes, jewelry, purses and other items that are handmade onsite. Apex employees over 45 employees and their corporate mission is to provide services that encourage and empower independence and provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities that enable them to live and work in the community and become fully participating members of society.

“This is an innovative step for us to continue to create jobs for our clients and also build a new revenue source,” said Sheri Hammons, executive director for Apex. “Beatriz Kilpatrick had the initial idea for us to create a high-end, gently used, boutique where prices are very affordable.”

Apex is accepting monetary donations and in-kind items, if you would like to make a donation please contact Sheri or Beatriz at 405-247-7377. The boutique is located in downtown Anadarko across from the post office at 117 S. 1st street. They are planning a grand opening for the boutique on Wednesday, June 27th starting at 10 a.m. so customers can have opportunity to visit the store and enjoy some refreshments.


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