Local Business Expands in Anadarko

Ridge Runner Roofing based in Anadarko, OK is expanding its operations to include seamless rain gutters. This will be a new venture under the name of The Rubber Duck Gutter Company. We were able to ask one of the owners, J.J. Vance (Vance serves on our Board of Directors), a few questions:

How did you get the idea to start this new venture?

“With my brother and I already being in the roofing business, it goes hand in hand. We have actually thought about expanding to the gutter business for several years. With there being no one else in our area offering guttering services we saw it as a good opportunity.”

Who would your typical customer be and why should homeowners think about adding or replacing gutters?

“Anyone who owns their own home or business, city or state entities, and tribal entities. Adding gutters will let customers control water around their structure. It can help protect fascia, soffit and foundation. People should replace gutters if they are leaking or damaged by wind or hail. New gutters will also increase the value of your property. Home owners insurance also covers gutters.”

Why are seamless gutters better?

“Seamless gutters are better in the sense that they don’t have seams, so no leaks. Having a professional gutter company install seamless gutters over traditional do-it-yourself gutters will save the homeowner time and trouble in the long run. The average home would cost between $1,000 to $1,500 to install on the entire house.”

How can people get an estimate for their home?

“Call Ridge Runner Roofing/The Rubber Duck Gutter Company at 405-247-2476 or find us on Facebook at The Rubber Duck Gutter Company or Metal Roofs by Ridge Runner. Our physical office is located at 209 S. Country Club Rd in Anadarko.”

Variety Care Opens in Anadarko

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Contact Lance Evans, (405) 250-4752


Variety Care Services Now Available in Anadarko

Oklahoma City, OK – Variety Care will expand access to primary health care in Oklahoma rural communities through Variety Care Anadarko, a new community health center located at 718 W. Petree Road. Medical services are available now through a temporary mobile unit while Variety Care remodels space previously occupied by Hibbett Sports for a permanent clinic site.

Variety Care Anadarko will serve as the nonprofit’s 14th health care facility, extending Variety Care’s reach as the state’s largest Federally-Qualified Health Center. The new health center will offer family medicine and pediatric care. 

“With the opening of Variety Care Anadarko, Variety Care will now offer three clinics in Southwest Oklahoma,” Executive Vice President Tim Reddout said. “Cost-effective primary care is a major step towards ensuring local community members experience improved health outcomes and an overall better quality of life.”

When construction of the full health center commences in spring 2020, patients will also have access to additional services and programs offered at the state’s largest community health center. Anadarko residents can establish long-term care with Variety Care providers when visiting the temporary mobile unit. Variety Care will also work with local businesses, schools, community partners, and other nonprofits to make sure individuals and families receive access to the care options available.

“Since 1932, Variety Care has served over a million Oklahomans,” CEO Lou Carmichael said. “Extending our services to Anadarko, OK, is the culmination of a vision shared by hundreds of health care providers, an engaged Board of Directors, and a devoted staff. We are dedicated to making Oklahoma healthier.” 

For more information on Variety Care, please visit varietycare.org. To schedule an appointment, please call (405) 632-6688 or toll free at (866) 388-6688.

About Variety Care, Inc.

Variety Care, Inc. is Oklahoma’s largest community health center with 13 health care facilities in central and western Oklahoma. In 2018, we provided comprehensive and coordinated medical, dental, behavioral health, vision, and social services to 124,733 individuals through 304,893 encounters.  A United Way partner agency, Variety Care serves patients with insurance and without insurance and strives to make health care affordable and accessible for all patients.  The Variety Care Foundation provides philanthropic support and community awareness for Variety Care and its efforts.


Variety Care Temporary Mobile Unit