Kiowa Tribe Child Care Program Renovates Facility

Anadarko, OK – The Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma continues to be a great partner in Anadarko. One of their recent successes has been the renovation of the Kiowa Child Care Program’s facility, which is a federally funded. The Child Care Assistance Program is funded by a federal grant through the Department of Health & Human Services and Administration for Children & Families. Certain requirements of the Child Care Program are necessary because of the federal regulations of the funding source. None of the funds used for day care assistance are tribal monies.

Yvonne Haven is the Program Director and she commented on the renovation, “This childcare center has been a long time coming, the renovation part of it, and we are glad the center has re-opened with a new perspective. The community and parents have been hearing about it. Parents have been coming through the door and we have a waiting list already. We have a capacity of 30 children. The next project that we are going to do, when headstart moves out, we are going to make that a formal dining room and a big family room, we are going to renovate the kitchen. Right now the meals are prepared and brought to the children in the classrooms. We are really emphasizing the Kiowa Language immersion and that is why we have the signs of the classroom doors which are the names in Kiowa. We are excited for more success in 2020.”

If you would like more information about this program’s services, eligibility and application process, please visit the Kiowa Child Care website by clicking here. You can also see photos of the renovation below.